Call of Duty WW2 DLC Pack 2 The War Machine Gets a Trailer Showcasing New Maps

DLC Pack 2 The War Machine is coming to CoD WW2 soon (well at least to the PS4) and there’s a brand new trailer showing the new maps and content that are included within. Three new maps, a War Mode mission, and another chapter of Nazi Zombies will come with CoD WW2: The War Machine.

CoD WW2 DLC Pack 2 The War Machine New Maps: Egypt, Dunkirk, and V2

The War Machine comes with three new maps for multiplayer. Players can deploy to the Egypt, Dunkirk, and V2 maps upon DLC Pack 2’s release.

Call of Duty WW2 The War Machine Maps

Egypt features a central temple with outside lanes around the edges. It has an Egyptian aesthetic and has pyramids and other famous Egyptian landmarks surrounding it. From the description, it sounds a bit like a smaller, faster-paced version of Gustav Cannon.

Dunkirk will consist of a wide-open beach and the adjacent boardwalk. Large beach areas are flanked by tight paths through buildings. Sniper can pick off players who stray onto the beach, but there’s little room to hide in this level, so the hunter can quickly find themselves becoming the hunted.

V2 is set in a rocket development site in Germany. The V2 rocket launch site is in the middle of the map, and it appears as though the V2 rocket may fire its engines at times during the match, which adds a sporadic environmental hazard to watch out for.

CoD WW2 DLC Pack 2 The War Machine New War Mode Map: Operation Husky

Call of Duty WW2 Operation Husky

War Mode is getting another mission with The War Machine DLC. Operation Husky is a reenactment of the Allied invasion of Sicily. In the first and second phases, the Allies must retrieve intel and transmit it to HQ. The third phase of Operation Husky has players taking control of fighter planes, and each side has to duke it out in the skies. The Allies are tasked with taking down German fighters to allow Allied bombers to attack.

CoD WW2 The War Machine New Nazi Zombies Chapter: The Shadowed Throne

In the Shadowed Throne, you’ll finally make it into the heart of Nazi Germany. In Berlin, Doktor Straub is attacking Allied forces in an attempt to win back the city and continue the terror of the Third Reich.

Call of Duty WW2 DLC Pack 2 The War Machine Release Date

Call of Duty WW2 The War Machine will release on April 10 for PS4 players. If you’re on PC or Xbox One, you still have a while to wait, and an official release date hasn’t been announced for those platforms.