Infernium Developer Tells Players Not to Buy His Game Because of Incorrect Pricing

Imagine you’ve just released a game, a game you’ve put sweat, blood, and tears into and you’re so excited to see it in the hands of the fans that you’re just sitting there, waiting. Only wait, the pricing for your game is completely wrong and so the logical thing to do is tell fans not to buy the game, right? It may sound strange, but this is exactly what Infernium developer, Carlos Coronado, did.

In the PS4 Subreddit Coronado opened up the discussion for the game by simply posting this “Infernium released today. DO NOT BUY THE GAME (yet) Bad Pricing!” The developer then began to explain what had exactly gone wrong. He states in the post, “Hi, I am the gamedev of Infernium. The game got released today on the PSN and there it costs 63.95$ and 39.99. Eur.”

Of course, the Infernium developer clarified that while he truly believed his game was fantastic, “it is [was] not worth the price” that was put out on the PSN store. While the issue has since been corrected, it was met with many Redditors applauding Coronado for his honesty and diligence. Some fans also found the developer’s reaction refreshing in an industry that is seemingly riddled with full-price games that are often hidden with microtransactions, putting many players off before the game has even been published. Infernium does not have these microtransactions, though considering it isn’t an AAA game this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

In all fairness to Coronado, Infernium does look like a game that would entice many survival horror fans. Though it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to now assume that due the developer’s honesty, Infernium will have some more fans willing to buy a game from a developer who values his fans and how they spend their money. To hear more about Infernium please check out the trailer on YouTube below.