State of Decay 2 Gets a New Gameplay Trailer at PAX

A new State of Decay 2 trailer has premiered at PAX East. Undead Labs first revealed State of Decay 2 back in 2016, leaving many fans eager to see what next awaited them in the zombie apocalypse sequel. The original was wildly popular, so it goes without saying that since the sequel’s reveal that fans have been excited to what has been changed and when they can next expect to get their hands on more zombie goodness.

Thankfully Undead Labs have bombarded fans with beautiful concept art, fantastic in-game footage and now, with the gameplay trailer revealed at PAX, a chance to have a look at crafting the home-front you’ll need to keep out the zombie hoard when it comes knocking at your door.

In the gameplay trailer revealed at PAX you can see that there have been a number of improvements added to make up what lacked in the original State of Decay. The environment that you find yourself in seems to be a lot more interactive than last time and the undead look to have new ways to be used for your advantage.

In one part of the video, the undead and environment are combined as a player swings the zombie at another, breaking a gate down whilst also giving the player time to escape. There also seems to be more depth to the communities you form this time, with characters being able to level up and given a significant role that they can work towards.

The reveal at PAX is possibly the most in-depth gameplay footage that has been seen of the game so far and it leaves a lot to be excited about. While there were some things it didn’t go into too much detail about (such as the character creator) we can still rest assured that it will be a prominent feature of the game. To look at the State of Decay 2 video released at PAX for yourself, please check it out below.