Ghost Recon Wildlands Battle Royale Is “Impossible” Right Now, Ubisoft Says

Ghost Recon Wildlands battle royale sounds like a good idea on paper, what with the game’s huge map, recent implementation of PvP modes and confirmed support for a second year. Unfortunately for those hooked on the battle royale phenomenon, who would love to see the mode included in Wildlands‘ future content drops, it looks like it won’t be happening.

When asked on Twitter if Ghost Recon Wildlands battle royale would ever be a thing, the game’s official account responded by stating that although the “allure” of battle royale is understandable, and may seem like a “natural direction” for the Ghost War PvP mode, “it would involve changes in the game structure and technical challenges that are simply impossible to undertake right now.”

I guess it’s just not possible to simply flip a switch and add a battle royale mode to a game. Forcing a huge number of players together on a single server, slowly pushing them closer and closer together, has proven to be challenging for games that also aim for high-fidelity visuals. PUBG still struggles to run smoothly on console hardware, with even the Xbox One X dropping below 30fps in places.

On the other hand, some great-looking games have managed to embrace battle royale, even with their gameplay and performance limitations. Warface has implemented a smaller scale battle royale experience, and Dying Light is trying its hand at a similar mode. With a second year of content confirmed for Ghost Recon Wildlands, I’d be very surprised if some kind of battle royale-esque mode doesn’t get added.