Fortnite Gun Game Is “On the List” of Upcoming Limited Time Modes

Fortnite Gun Game sounds like the recipe for ultimate enjoyment, to me at least. Having players encouraged to play aggressively, as they make their way through the weapon ranks, earning a new gun with each kill, would be an awesome way to deter campers and force everyone to keep on moving. Gun Game levels the battlefield with all players working their way through the same set of weapons. However, with Fortnite, building is thrown into the mix, and that will be the factor that separates the master builders from the average DIYer.

Fortnite Gun Game Limited Time Mode

If Fortnite Gun Game sounds like a hoot to you, you’ll be happy to hear that Epic Games has confirmed that a “progressive weapon loadout” limited time mode is “on the list.” Posting on Reddit, Epic Games’ EpicDustyDevo said that the mode would probably feature the storm coming in early to keep everyone together, and that respawns could be flipped on. The order of the weapon cycle was also discussed.

“It’s totally on the list to try a progressive weapon load out LTM at some point. Would probably bring in the storm early to keep everyone together, flip on respawns so the game reliably ends when someone makes it through the weapon ladder.

What do you guys think, gold scar down to pistols, or weaker weapons up to strong? I think an argument could be made for either way being interesting…”


It seems as though Epic Games has been considering Fortnite Gun Game for a while now. It’s also interesting to hear that enabling Fortnite respawns is just a matter of “flipping” them on. We recently saw PUBG activate respawns in its War mode, so perhaps Fortnite will go down the same route at some stage. Either way, we’re sure to see some imaginative limited time modes coming soon, which will hopefully include Gun Game!