Atlus USA Localizing Etrian Odyssey IV

Atlus USA has just announced that it will be bringing Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan to North America in early 2013. Previous entries in this series have been on the standard DS, and like most games making the transition into the new technology, it will take advantage of the new hardware's capabilities. A prime example of said advantage-taking will be enemies seeming to "leap out of the screen at you", as demonstrated by the bear above. More things need demonstrative bears.

The Etrian Odyssey games are old-school dungeon crawlers hearkening back to the days when players kept a pencil and paper next to them during RPG sessions, to draw maps of the area. Within the game's mazes, surviving is no simple task, and first-timers should expect to die. The key, of course, is to learn from your failures, or perhaps level grind them away.

The game's official website (currently just a teaser) can be viewed here.