Monster Hunter World Kulve Taroth Update Brings New Elder Dragon and Quests

Capcom has revealed the content of the upcoming Kulve Taroth update for Monster Hunter World. The new update will be adding a new Elder Dragon for players to hunt, as well as a new limited-time quest type that will require a certain amount of teamwork between players.

The Japanese games giant announced the new update earlier today via a blog post and a new trailer. With the addition of the new Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth, players will need to participate in the new Siege limited-time quest type. Players from the same Gathering Hubs, which can house up to a total of 16 hunters, will be divided into groups of up to four hunters each in order to successfully hunt down the Kulve Taroth monster.

Palico Kulve Taroth Monster Hunter World

As the new Siege quest is designed for multiplayer, each player can contribute by collecting tracks and breaking off parts from attacking the Kulve Taroth. Defeating the Elder Dragon will seemingly allow players to obtain random weapons after acquiring the necessary materials from its shiny golden mantle. A new armor set based Kulve Taroth will also be available for Monster Hunter World players.

The Kulve Taroth Siege quest will begin rolling out for Monster Hunter World players starting from April 18th at 5 pm PT / April 19th at 1 am BST. The new update will only be available for a limited time but fortunately, it will return on an unspecified date.

In other related news, Capcom recently released the A Rush of Blood limited-time quest featuring Mega Man. It began on April 13th and will run until April 26th, 2018. Head on over here for all the details of the event. Monster Hunter World is now available for the PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version slated for release on an unspecified date. In our review, we gave it a 4.5 out of 5.