God of War Has Had a Huge First Day on Twitch

God of War is enjoying massive success on Twitch, with Santa Monica Studio’s new PS4 exclusive topping the list of most-viewed games, despite being a single-player game on a notoriously multiplayer-focused platform. The new release has been enjoying nearly 300,000 viewers at its peak, with roughly 240,000 viewers tuning in across its release day to watch it being played by live-streamers.

God of War has outperformed hugely popular streaming games such as FortniteLeague of Legends and Hearthstone, ranking at the top of Twitch almost all day with streams from the likes of LIRIK, sodapoppin, and more. The game is still the most-viewed game at the time of this writing, with its popularity showing no signs of slowing down.

Santa Monica Studio’s latest release has proven to be a major critical hit for the studio, with it pulling in a wide variety of perfect scores, including our own. It seems that the pre-release hype has made a big impact, with viewers tuning in by the hundreds of thousands to watch streamers play through the game and offer their own takes.

God of War is the highest-rated game of the year so far, with it also being one of the most well-received PS4 games, sitting at a Metascore of 95. Santa Monica Studio director Cory Barlog recently uploaded a video which saw him reacting to reviews of the game as they went live, with him having an emotional response to the outpouring of positive comments about his team’s latest release.

It remains to be seen if God of War manages to keep up its momentum on Twitch past next week, though a single-player game receiving such a huge amount of views in the first place is impressive in and of itself.