Fortnite Season 4 Cinematic Intro Reveals Dusty Depot’s Fate

The Fortnite season 4 cinematic intro has been leaked online, with the trailer having reportedly been found in the game’s files. The brief intro reveals that Fortnite Battle Royale is going to receive an alien invasion of sorts, with the theory that a comet would have a devastating impact on the game’s Dusty Depot landing location having seemingly been proven correct.

The cinematic intro features a ’50s-esque alien invasion theme, showing a comet firing down upon the Fortnite map and wreaking havoc on the arena. According to patch notes that have been published on the iOS App Store, the Fortnite season 4 update will bring with it “Hop Rocks,” which will allow players to “consume them and lift off with low gravity.”

The Fortnite update will also bring with it new loot, along with a drag and drop feature on mobile which will now allow players to drop and rearrange their inventory items. Players had speculated that the comet would crash land on Dusty Depot since an image of the update was revealed earlier this week, though this intro seemingly confirms it.

We don’t know just how much the Fortnite Dusty Depot will have been affected by this comet drop, though this appears to have been a pretty substantial event in the Fortnite universe. Players will no doubt be incredibly eager to experience the new season 4 update when it launches later today, with Fortnite servers going offline until the new patch is installed. It remains to be seen if the damage done to Dusty Depot will last beyond season 4 (though many players were likely hoping that it would wipe Tilted Towers off the map, with it being the most highly criticized landing location in the game as a result of its overwhelming popularity), though it’s pretty cool that Epic Games is introducing these game-changing updates that give Fortnite‘s lone map a face lift.

Watch the Fortnite season 4 cinematic intro below: