Nintendo Labo Fails to Crack Top 25 in UK April 2018 Charts

Has Nintendo Labo folded already? The cardboard kit, despite its best intuitive intentions, failed to make a dent in the April 2018 games charts in the UK, setting up shop just outside the top 25. GFK Chart Track (via MCV) has the skinny on the Nintendo Labo and its disappointing debut month. While, it has to be said, the accessory kit was released towards the backend of April 2018, it also shared a release date with God of War. Kratos’ PS4 debut topped the charts at numero uno, to the surprise of no one with the Nintendo Labo lagging behind at 26. The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit failed to break the top 50 altogether.

The Nintendo Labo, though, may take some warming to. A collection of cardboard cutouts with an emphasis on creation and imagination was never going to stoke the fires of the most ardent gamer this early in the year. Expect sales for the Nintendo Labo to pick up pace towards Christmas 2018.

Elsewhere, Far Cry 5 finished runner-up in April 2018, with Nintendo mainstays Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey still going strong in the United Kingdom.

Sea of Thieves, meanwhile, continues to sink without a trace. April 2018 UK sales were down a staggering 54% compared to the previous month. That boat may have well and truly sailed.

On the publisher side of things, it’s hardly a shock to see Sony top the rankings, making up 22% of all game sales in the UK in April 2018. Ubisoft were pushed down to second after a stellar showing in March.

As for other new entries, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life managed to beat its Japanese rival in Nintendo into submission by appearing at number 24 in the charts. I believe that means Kiryu > cardboard, as if there was ever any doubt.