Overwatch League Stage 4 Won’t Have Hanzo Change or Brigitte Nerf

Nothing quite brings fans of Overwatch together than yelling about the game’s favorite (or least favorite, whatever floats your boat) Shimada brother, Hanzo. So, it makes sense that the news about Stage 4 of the Overwatch League having neither the Hanzo change or the Brigitte nerf will get a few fans feeling more than a little angry.

With Overwatch League currently on hiatus, it’s given fans a lot of time to argue about the upcoming changes that will be appearing when it eventually returns. One change that has got people turning against their fellow Overwatch neighbors is that Brigitte, our favorite stun-hero, will be part of Stage 4. Which is good news, right? Wrong. Because this Brigitte will not include the recent nerfs she’s just received from Blizzard.

What’s more, Hanzo’s newest abilities will also not be making an appearance in the newest stage of Overwatch League. This decision was first heard from due to Dallas Fuel player Brandon “Seagull” Larned, who said during a stream that Hanzo’s rage-inducing scatter arrow ability would still be present for Stage 4. Overwatch League analyst Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson also confirmed this during his own stream.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but to some fans this decision seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Brigitte has already been declared as ‘too OP’ by some vocal players out there, her stun ability, in particular, being one of the most effective abilities in her arsenal that can make and break a push. Because of that ability, there are a few Overwatch League fans that believe she’ll be an instant pick and thus make gameplay stale and repetitive.

Others, however, don’t seem to think this is a big deal at all. Overwatch League caster and analyst Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles had this to say about the patch not coming to Stage 4 of the Overwatch League.

But what do you think about this? Are fans just being too picky, or is there a valid reason to be upset over the changes not coming to Stage 4 of Overwatch League? Regardless, it looks like Overwatch League fans are going to be disappointed no matter what happens.