Block Sport PC Open Beta: Rocket League with Gladiatorial Combat

Denmark studio Hero Blocks have announced a Block Sport PC open beta running on Steam during May 24-27. Block Sport is a competitive team esports game that looks like Rocket League if instead of punting balls with cars, you instead bashed them around with giant hammers and axes. It blends brutal combat with a sport scoring system to create “brutal team based gladiatorial conflicts.”

Hero Blocks released a trailer for the game in time for the announcement of the open beta, which has bulky, spikey robot men dashing around an arena trying to chaotically bat a ball into the opposing sides’ goal. The batting isn’t limited to the ball, however, as you’ll be using gnarly-looking weapons that can also be used for a spot of brutal gladiatorial combat. Hero Blocks said, “Players control the power and speed of their attacks, and they’ll need all of that precision to smash through the goal plate and score for their team, or smash the other team apart, piece by piece.”

The game already looks pretty smashing (sue me) but the Danish developers have a myriad of updates planned that are still in the pipeline. This includes a full visual overhaul, and the first chunk of updates are expected to roll out into the game soon. It’s also being nominated for the “Best Multiplayer” award at DreamHack Austin, where you’ll be able to give the game a go in the Indie Playground if you attend.

Places are quite limited for the Block Sport PC open beta happening next weekend, likely to keep the sample size manageable for testing purposes. But signing up to it is available to anyone, done so through their website. All you need to do is enter your email address, and if you manage to grab a spot you can claim a Steam key on the website for the beta. Hero Blocks are looking to release the game fully later this year.