Go Vacation Switch Remaster Announced by Nintendo

A Go Vacation Switch remaster has been announced by Nintendo, with the mini-game collection making its way to the Nintendo Switch this July. With both local and wireless support, Go Vacation looks to be the next family-friendly multiplayer game for the handheld/home console hybrid.

Go Vacation was previously released on the Wii, bucking Nintendo’s trend of remastering Wii U games in favor of digging a little further back in its archives. Much like Wii Sports Resort, it featured a variety of resorts-themed mini-games, with 50 in total making its way to the Nintendo Switch remaster.

The debut trailer sees players journeying to various resorts, from a city location to snow-capped mountains. It looks set to offer a fun multiplayer experience for those who had been hoping for a Wii Sports Switch, though this could still happen considering that Nintendo recently filed a trademark for the series alongside F-Zero and Star Fox.

Go Vacation received a moderately positive response on the Wii, with it drawing favorable comparisons to Nintendo’s own Wii Sports Resort. Considering the success of the Switch’s remasters so far, it could perform surprisingly well on the console, with there being few mini-game collections currently available on the platform.

With the likes of Mario Party and Wario Ware, arguably Nintendo’s two most well-known mini-game franchises, currently being AWOL excluding the former’s release on the 3DS, Go Vacation could occupy a gap in the market. Developer Bandai Namco will certainly be hoping that is the case, though we’ll have to wait until its July 27 release date to find out.

Nintendo is likely pushing out this announcement ahead of its big E3 2018 Nintendo Direct, which is set to focus on Super Smash Bros Switch along with (hopefully) containing a few surprises. Tune in next month to read all about the expo on GR.