Xbox Adaptive Controller Officially Revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft has officially announced the new Xbox One controller, dubbed the Xbox Adaptive Controller, after reports of leaked images spread several days ago. It drove gamers to speculate that the new controller was designed for better accessibility, especially for those with disabilities and limitations. It turns out that’s exactly what the company aims to do with the new controller.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer revealed the Xbox Adaptive Controller in a post on Xbox Wire earlier today. The new controller aims to provide more ways for everyone to play, especially for those who “might not be able to reach all the bumpers and triggers or hold a controller for an extended period of time.” The company developed the new controller with help from charitable organizations from around the world, as well as working closely with disabled gamers.

Xbox Adaptive Controller: Features

The Xbox Adaptive Controller will work with commonly-used adaptative switches already in use, It also features two large buttons which can be programmed to act as any of the standard Xbox controller button inputs via the Xbox Accessories app. Third-party peripherals can also be plugged into the Xbox Adaptive Controller, including PDP’s One-Handed Joystick, Logitech’s Extreme 3D Pro Joystick and Quadstick’s Game Controller.

Xbox Adaptive Controller: Tester Testimony

It’s heartwarming to read the reactions of disable gamers voicing their satisfaction with the new Xbox Adaptive Controller in a recent Microsoft Story Labs feature. One of the testers, named Bartholomew, said that he’s been searching for a one-handed controller for many years. Now that he has one, he said: “I want to compete again in eSports. The future is bright. The future is exciting.”

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is available exclusively on the Microsoft Store for a price of $99.99. In our initial report on the leaked images for the new controller, we said that it’s a welcome and appreciated effort on Microsoft’s part for introducing this new gamepad. Disabled gamers will now be able to enjoy every game the way they were meant to be played, without limitations or resorting to fiddling with the controller to make it work for them.