Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Video Reveals More of Toy Story World

A new Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay video has surfaced, showing off the game’s Toy Story world along with featuring an appearance from Wreck-It Ralph in his KH3 debut. The new footage, taken from a recent preview event held by Square Enix, offers a closer look at the upcoming JRPG’s gameplay.

The video shows off some 60 fps gameplay from Kingdom Hearts 3, showing protagonist Sora fighting off enemies in Andy’s bedroom. Woody, Buzz, and more familiar faces also make an appearance, while the game’s more Final Fantasy XV-inspired combat is firmly on display.

The embargo for the Kingdom Hearts 3 preview event lifted today, meaning that fans of the series have been able to receive more information about the highly-anticipated game. The preview event focused on the newly introduced Toy Story world, along with featuring an appearance from Wreck-It Ralph, one of Disney’s newest heroes.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will once again combine the cast of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series with Disney and Pixar’s various animated properties. Sora will be joined by Donald and Goofy on his adventure, with the gang meeting up with various famous faces throughout their journey.

Though there’s still no concrete release date for the game, Square Enix is said to still be on track to hit its late 2018 target. There has seemingly been no further information regarding its launch shared during the preview event, though with E3 2018 just around the corner, Square could well be holding out for the expo to make the big announcement.

Even though we’re still no closer to receiving a confirmed release date, this new gameplay footage looks great, so at least we know that KH 3 is shaping up well. Hopefully, the final results meet the tremendous amount of anticipation for the game, and we’ll be able to dive into Toy Story world sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!

Check out the Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay video below: