Battlefield V Xbox One Exclusive Content Could Be on Its Way

Battlefield V trailer has teased the upcoming game’s reveal event, though it may have hinted at some interesting plans for the FPS on the Xbox One. The teaser, debuted on the Battlefield V Twitter account, features the Xbox One logo in the pre-roll, signifying that exclusive content may be coming to Microsoft’s console.

While Battlefield V is a multi-platform release, with it coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it’s not uncommon for high-profile games to release with content specific to one console. However, the majority of games tend to side with Sony and the PS4. This teaser suggests that this won’t be the case for Battlefield V.

Watch the short teaser below:

While the appearance of the Xbox One logo could simply signify that the game is on its way to Microsoft’s console, the absence of the PS4 branding is curious. In the past, we’ve seen series such as Call of Duty and Destiny strike up timed exclusivity deals with Sony, in which the PS4 received access to DLC and other assorted content before other platforms. If this is the case this time around, Xbox One owners could see themselves receiving Battlefield V DLC before PS4 and PC gamers.

Though timed exclusivity deals aren’t exactly appreciated in the gaming community, with some deeming it unfair that certain consoles receive preferential treatment, this would be a big coup for Microsoft. Battlefield V is set to be one of the biggest releases of the year, and the Xbox One having access to content before the PS4 could well convince many to pick it up on Microsoft’s console.

More will be revealed during the Battlefield V reveal event on May 23rd, which is set to be hosted by The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah. This event will come just days after the reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which is likely set to compete with DICE’s shooter at the tail-end of 2018.