Fortnite Player Recreates Classic Vines in Game

Last year on the 17th of January, Vine, a short-form video hosting service where users could share six-seconds long looping clips, shut down for good. It was a move that upset many, mostly due to the classic vines that would be seemingly lost forever. However, that hasn’t stopped people making these videos into Fortnite vines on YouTube.

In fact YouTube saved a lot of these classic vines, and we have them to thank for Fortnite player Yinka_a’s genius idea to recreate them in-game. If you check the Fortnite subreddit, you’ll see their post right at the very top and for a good reason too, the video is nothing short of magnificent.

What’s more, Yinka_a is recording their footage on a PlayStation 4 and then editing it with Final Pro Cut X. That’s pretty amazing, particularly when you see the result of their hard work and how they’ve managed to make it look so professional.

Of course, Yinka_a isn’t the first editor out there to make video game vines. A quick search on YouTube will find a variety of games being edited to suit our favorite vines, and if not video game vines then the scary amount of anime vines will be enough to confirm that editors really, really love adding vines to all types of media.

Yinka_a’s YouTube account Fortnite Cinematics seems to only just be starting out, but if future videos are as good as their vine one then we’re sure to see more of their excellent editing in the future. To watch the video for yourself, look below. Though we warn you, we can’t say its funny or not unless watching vines is one of your favorite past times. Not that we’re saying it’s our favorite past time or anything…

Have a favorite vine that you’d like to see remade in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below.