Overwatch Anniversary Adds New Interactions That Expands Character Lore

The Overwatch Anniversary event came out only a day ago, but already prominent Overwatch YouTubers are combing through file after file to see what new things have been added. While some fans of the game are more than content with the new accessories, other fans who desperately want Overwatch lore are after something they consider far more important.

As was expressed in our newest feature, Overwatch Needs a Dating Simulator Not A Single Player Campaign, lore for Overwatch has always been particularly sketchy. Comics and animated shorts are things that fans of the lore desperately try to consume the moment they are released, and the game itself contains barely anything that helps understand Overwatch’s history.

Thankfully, YouTuber Hammeh is on the case. Hammeh has been taking notes of the Overwatch lore for a long while now, so he is often the first Overwatch YouTuber many go to if they want in on what’s happening with Overwatch’s lore.

You can read his tweet and watch the video that includes brand new voice interactions between characters, some funny, some serious and some alluding to future and past events that’ll make Overwatch fans sit up that little bit straighter.

As you can see from the video, there’s a lot to get through. One of the most interesting interactions is between not-so-good-girl-turned-worse-girl Moira O’Deorain and Mercy, Overwatch’s favorite angel. Their interaction alludes not only to Moira’s unethical practices but the toxic relationship the two share, which makes the interaction rather fun to listen to.

There is also a juicy mention of Lucio and his family, particularly the Sonic technology that was originally created by Lucio’s father and was then stolen by Vishkar, the company that Symmetra works for. Lucio stole the technology back, and thus gives more reason for the hostility between the two characters.

What’s more, there was also an interesting interaction between Soldier 76 and Moira that centered around Gabriel Reyes, his leadership while in Blackwatch and how Soldier 76 may have taken on a laissez faire attitude that didn’t help matters.

Do you have a favorite interaction from the video? Let us know.