Battlefield 1943 Now Xbox One Backwards Compatible (and on EA Access)

What better way to celebrate Battlefield V taking another shot at WW2 than rolling back the years, making the most of DICE’s last effort of all things 1939-1945 and playing Battlefield 1943? The madcap multiplayer-only shooter, though, has been locked to the Xbox 360 for some time, however. Until now.

Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb took to Twitter to announce that Battlefield 1943 is now playable via backwards compatibility. Should you want to get your shooty-bang-bang on, you can now do so at the low, low price of $9.99/£9.99.

While the player count has dwindled massively since the game’s launch in 2009 – the game only having three maps didn’t hold up too well at the time – the servers are still live. Here’s hoping for a D-Day style comeback.

What’s more, the game is also available right now for every single EA Access user in the subscription service’s Vault, which is a pretty sweet deal if you’re signed up to that.

As for the game itself, if you’re new to the party, here’s the skinny: essentially a condensed version of everything that made (and still makes) Battlefield’s multiplayer so darn engaging, Battlefield 1943 comes with all the trimmings you’d expect from competitive warfare, as well as four maps set across the Pacific. Of those four maps, the most popular by far is the iconic Wake Island. Each mode includes up to 24 players on a single map, plus vehicles.

This will surely curtail those post-reveal Battlefield V blues for a month or two, at least. Are you ready to dip back in? The last one to Iwo Jima’s a rotten egg.