Battlefield 5 Producer DICE Defends Player Choice and Diversity

Battlefield 5 producer DICE released an in-engine game trailer yesterday, an announcement that left the community divided in a way that, to be frank, left more than a few of us at Game Revolution scratching our heads in confusion.

Instead of players being understandably wary of what troubles another product from DICE could bring, (especially after Star Wars Battlefront 2’s horrendous reception), more than a few vocal fans voiced their anger at Battlefield 5’s customization options. This included body types, gender, war paints and more. Their problem? All of this seems entirely too inaccurate for the World War 2 period.

In truth, we’re wondering if these individuals know that games aren’t entitled to be accurate and thankfully it’s a thought that crossed DICE’s mind too. They answered player’s concerns about the authenticity of Battlefield 5 in the tweet below.

Again we’re unsure why the concern of authenticity when it comes to women and body types causes certain individuals to lose their cool. In fact, we’d recommend these individuals to find the nearest historian and demand they teach them about women in World War 2 as it seems they may have missed a valuable lesson.

DICE Executive Producer Aleksander Grøndal also had something to say about the latest discourse that has already spiraled out of control on social media. Taking to Twitter, he tweeted “we will always put fun over authenticity. This is what we have always done with Battlefield games.”

Regardless of whether you agree with Grøndal or not, it cannot be denied that they are eager to allow people of all shapes and sizes a reason to pick up Battlefield 5 this summer and if that’s their take, well, we can hardly blame their open-minded perspective.