Death Stranding Gameplay Involves Player Collaboration

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has never been so anticipated as it is right now. With E3 2018 coming up, more than a few fans of Kojima’s are both wondering and hoping that they’ll get to see the mysterious Death Stranding make an appearance. If so, we hope that what Kojima will provide will answer at least one question we have, even if it gives us several more questions afterward.

While we’re still in the dark about what the game is actually about right now, Mads Mikkelsen has opened up to Total Film (via GamesRadar) magazine about a certain feature that’s prominent in the game. Speaking to during the Cannes Festival, Mikkelsen had this to say “the whole concept of playing the game, as I understand, needs collaboration from different people from different parts of the world.”

This is similar to what Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead star and presumably the protagonist of Death Stranding, mentioned when asked about the game. Reedus stated that the PS4 exclusive had “elements of social media” involved, and with Mikkelsen’s statement as well, we can’t help but wonder what sort of game Kojima is creating.

The possibilities of how social media and collaboration could shape Death Stranding are, of course, endless. What first springs to mind with the topic of collaboration is EA’s A Way Out, where players must team up and work together in order to progress through the game. It was a feature that the developers had used before with Two Brothers and was generally well-received. Could this be the collaborative element that Mikkelsen meant?

On the other hand, it could also mean that Death Stranding may be a multiplayer game where it is required to group up with others from around the world in order to accomplish certain challenges. It wouldn’t be the strangest idea Kojima has ever had, and it would definitely allow the social media element to be implemented quite nicely.

What do you think Mikkelsen meant? Have an opinion on how social media may affect gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.