BioWare Boss Apologizes for Ex-Employee’s TotalBiscuit Comments

BioWare GM Casey Hudson has apologized for a former staff member’s comments following the death of John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, a YouTube critic who passed away following a lengthy battle with cancer at the age of 33. Hudson spoke out after tweets posted by David Crooks, who previously worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, tweeted that “the world felt a little bit better” after TotalBiscuit died.

Crooks’ tweets saw him condemning the critics’ videos on games that he had worked on, along with how the YouTube creator had “never addressed his repeatedly toxic fanbase.”

“How about the time that he was the centerpoint of not one but TWO major games I worked on, dishing out a plethora of shitty “criticism” that was less than useful and didn’t help anyone, and are still some of his most viewed videos?” Crooks tweeted.

After an archived rundown of Crooks’ tweets started to circulate online, BioWare’s Casey Hudson intervened to distance BioWare from the studio’s former staff member:

TotalBiscuit was one of the most well-known video game critics on YouTube, specializing in PC coverage. He headed up the popular ‘WTF is…’ series where he discussed new releases, along with the Co-Optional Podcast. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2015, with him having recently retired from producing YouTube videos after his health took a turn for the worse. His passing was announced by his widow Genna Bain earlier this week, with many figureheads throughout the gaming industry and community having shared their condolences since the news of his death.

Image Credit: Genna Bain / YouTube