NieR Creator Yoko Taro Comments on Battlefield 5 Women Controversy

Ever since Battlefield 5 was first announced with an explosively good trailer, the reaction to it has been rather mixed. While the vast majority of Battlefield fans are happy to see another game from DICE, others aren’t too pleased that a female character seems to have a prominent role in the game. However, quite a few have spoken out about that way of thinking, including NieR creator Yoko Taro.

Yoko Taro has been known to not take any flak from fans. Only a week ago did Taro speak out on his Twitter to comment about how he wished fans would stop gatekeeping fanart and cosplays,  and now he’s set his sights on the Battlefield 5 women controversy.

One of the reasons these volatile fans are so distressed about the inclusion of women is that they worry about ‘historical accuracy.’ However, considering more than a few fans have pointed out that the Battlefield games have never really been historically accurate, nor is it true that female soldiers in World War 2 didn’t exist, we’re pretty convinced that the fear of accuracy is a smokescreen for underlying issues these fans have.

Yoko Taro, however, laughs in the face of accuracy. In a post on Twitter (translated via DualShockers) Taro commented on the controversy, saying: “Meanwhile, in Japan battleships are made into beautiful girls, warlords are made into pretty boys loving boys, schoolgirls ride tanks, and anything you want…”

We’re no experts, but we have a feeling Taro finds the whole situation just as ludicrous as the majority of fans do. And of course, Taro has never been one to hold himself back, no matter the response he receives from others, whether that be critics, friends or fans.

But what do you think of the NieR creator’s reaction to the controversy? Let us know in the comments below.