Rockstar Teases Potential New GTA 5 Multiplayer DLC or Radio Station

Rockstar Games’ has been continually supporting Grand Theft Auto 5 for almost five whole years with multiple content updates. Although this time, it’s not exactly clear what Rockstar is adding for their 95 million players. Rockstar tweeted an image with four musical artists and a summer 2018 release date. While unconfirmed, signs point to a some new GTA 5 multiplayer DLC or another radio station.

The tweet lists four artists: Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and Black Madonna. All four are electronic music DJs, which could mean that music is coming to GTA 5. But this could just a portion of whatever Rockstar is promising.

Players are hoping that this could possibly be a bigger update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Some users on the game’s subreddit are debating the rumors saying how the update will revolve around owning and maintaining a nightclub. Rockstar has not confirmed (or even hinted at) anything in this update so this is all of this is just player speculation.

Coincidentally or not, if any of this is even the least bit accurate, then it might be similar to other big updates for Grand Theft Auto Online. The Further Adventures in Finance and Felony and Executives and Other Criminals updates allowed players to embrace their business sides and create and maintain criminal enterprises. The alleged feature set of a possible nightclub update could also build upon these foundations but in a way more suited to the Los Santos’ nightlife.

This DLC could also be a subtle nod to one of Rockstar’s past titles. Grand Theft Auto 4‘s second campaign expansion, The Ballad of Gay Tony, starred Luis Lopez and his involvements with Liberty City’s seedy club life. Playing as the assistant to one the city’s biggest club owners weaved in nightclub culture while also giving the familiar GTA gameplay.

The Ballad of Gay Tony also added new electronic songs to the game’s radio. Regardless of whether or not this is new GTA 5 multiplayer DLC or just some more music, we will find out later this summer.