Report: Black Ops 4 Beta Release Date Period Revealed by GameStop Germany

Following the game’s reveal, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the Black Ops 4 beta release date, with players wanting to give the game a try ahead of launch. We already know that there’s going to be some kind of beta and that Sony and the PS4 seem to have some kind of exclusive partnership tied into Black Ops 4, but Activision hasn’t officially revealed anything yet. Thankfully, GameStop Germany appears to have slipped up, providing some more information on the Black Ops 4 release date period.

Black Ops 4 Beta Release Date: PS4 and Xbox One Private Beta

According to GameStop Germany, the PS4 and Xbox One Private Beta will go live at some point in August. Codes will be sent out to those who have pre-ordered “shortly before the beta starts.” As we already know, the duration of the beta will be at least three days.

“Anticipated launch of Private Beta is in August. The BETA access codes will be sent shortly before the beta starts. Minimum duration of the beta: 3 days. Internet connection required.”

Despite PlayStation users getting early access to previous Call of Duty betas, there isn’t yet any information suggesting that will be the case with Black Ops 4.

Black Ops 4 Beta Release Date: PC Open Beta

Black Ops 4 Beta Release Date

Also mentioned by GameStop Germany is the Black Ops 4 PC beta, which is apparently going to be open and available to all players, with no pre-order necessary. The PC version of the game will be accessed exclusively through the client.

“Also, in August the Open Beta for the PC version takes place! For the PC version, no codes are sent because no code is needed for playing.”

As this is translated information and not officially confirmed, take it all with a grain of salt. We’ll likely learn more from official sources soon.

Source: CharlieINTEL