Pokemon Quest Announced for Switch and Mobile, Available Now

Pokemon Quest was announced this evening at a press conference held in Tokyo, Japan. While this isn’t a core Pokemon RPG, it is developed by main series studio Game Freak and will be coming to both the Nintendo Switch and smartphones.

Pokemon Quest has a decidedly strange visual aesthetic. Instead of featuring the graphics we’re used to, everything is very blocky. Like Minecraft blocky. The game features “Pokecells” which are the blocky versions of Pokemon you see in the video below.

You’ll be able to play Pokemon Quest either on Switch or smartphone, and the game will be “free to start” on both platforms. It’s likely that Nintendo is following the same model it used for Super Mario Run with the first part of the game being free and the rest unlocked via a one-time purchase. However, it could just free-to-play like Fire Emblem Warriors instead. Hopefully, it’ll be the former.

Pokemon Quest Release Date

No release date has been announced for Pokemon Quest yet. We do know it is set to launch sometime in 2018, but that’s the only clue we have. Check out some GIFs from the game in the Tweets below.

Update: Pokemon Quest is available now for Nintendo Switch and will come to mobile at the end of June 2018.