Pokemon Switch Will Likely Introduce Gen 8 in 2019

With last night’s announcement of Pokemon Let’s Go, Nintendo also teased that we should be seeing another core Pokemon Switch game in 2019. This one will be a mainline entry and not just a core game, so it’s likely that we’ll see gen 8 Pokemon introduced. It’s purely speculation, but this would follow the trends of Pokemon‘s mainline games.

While the focus of last night’s Pokemon press conference was Pokemon Let’s Go and what we should expect to see there, Game Freak and Nintendo also let us know that there’s going to be a mainline Pokemon Switch game in 2019. We don’t know anything else about this for sure, but there’s plenty of room for predictions and expectations. One of those expectations – and a likelihood – is that the 2019 Pokemon Switch game will bring with it the 8th generation of Pokemon.

This will likely mean a new region too, as well as a new team of antagonists to have to deal with. If, of course, the 2019 Pokemon Switch game follows the pattern and delivers a traditional Pokemon experience, which it looks to do. Pokemon Let’s Go this year is doing something a little different, with a lot of mechanical similarities to Pokemon Go (as well as all of the integration between the two games) and a return to the 1st generation region of Kanto, resembling Pokemon Yellow in a number of different ways.

This core, mainline Pokemon game was first teased at E3 2017, and just under a year later we’ve finally heard more than just ‘it’ll come out eventually.’ At the press event, Pokemon Director and Producer Junichi Masuda said, “Now today I can only tell you of its existence, but it’s another game we’re pouring all of our creativity into,” and also told press that the game will “follow in the tradition of Pokemon X and Y and Pokemon Sun and Moon.”