Anthem Teaser Could Be Inbound According to Twitter

An Anthem teaser could be coming our way and we are, without a doubt, excited to see what Bioware has cooked up for us to have a look at. Considering the recent Fallout 76 and Pokemon news, Bioware will really have to go all out this time to grab people’s attention away from these game, though, considering their track record, we think they’ll manage just fine.

Anthem has been regarded rather strangely ever since it was first teased. Die-hard Bioware fans who feel rather passionately about ‘old Bioware’ and the games they used to make already feel as though Anthem won’t live up to their expectations, whereas others are willing to give it a try, be it with great hesitance.

That’s not to say people aren’t excited about Anthem. But ever since the disastrous reception of Mass Effect: Andromeda, fans of Bioware feel more and more as though the studio is pulling away from the RPG elements they know and love to focus on something that seems to favor FPS elements. It’s a fair criticism, especially as the game does have multiplayer elements heavily involved, something that can be off-putting to some RPG fans out there.

After all, Bioware is known for their single-player games with a strong narrative, fantastic characters and a world that fans can get lost in, and while multiplayer doesn’t negate these features, fans are still concerned.

So will this new teaser, as seen in their tweet below, show something that will allow fans to believe in Bioware and their storytelling once more?

The tweet is vague on purpose, obviously, but the little content that we do have there is interesting. Could Bioware be set to release a teaser either today or tomorrow? We’ll have to wait (and check Anthem’s Twitter page religiously) and see.