New Insomniac VR Game in the Works

Insomniac Games, makers of Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, and the original Spyro trilogy has a new title in the works that isn’t Marvel’s web slinger. They announced today on their official social media accounts that their new title is an Insomniac VR game. The developer did not reveal the name of the game but the trailer ended with “Reclaim Your World” attached to a June 7th date.

The announcement video gave the developer’s general philosophies on making games but also broadly talked about some of this mysterious game’s new direction. They assured players that this game will craft a good story, control well, and have that Insomniac brand of humor, all of which they consider essential in the titles they make. But they also talked about going beyond what they’ve done before.

“We’re gonna see the potential for movement and exploration that breaks out of the 2D plane,” said Mike Daly, one of Insomniac’s Lead Designers.

This vague statement builds off another Insomniac VR game, Edge of Nowhere. This virtual reality title was in third-person and showed a different side of exploration not typically seen in VR. It took place in cold winterland of Antarctica and was met with middling to decent reviews by critics. Daly also explained how this game helped them learn and understand VR.

“We made some interesting discoveries,” explained Daly. “And for us, it was just the tip of the iceberg for how VR enhanced traversal in a way that couldn’t be done before.”

The Unspoken, one of their other VR games focused on dueling with magic spells, also taught them a bit about the medium. Tracking full bodies and facilitating a community seemed to be some of their biggest takeaways from that game. But these just seem like small teases on what we will hear more about on June 7th.

“[We wanted] to create really immersive beautiful spaces and apply to it a new palette of open-world adventure,” said Principal Designer Duncan Moore.