Assassins Creed Odyssey to Be Set in Greece

Isn’t it just the worst when your newest game is leaked via a keychain? Well, that’s what may have just happened to Ubisoft’s newest Assassins Creed game, Assassins Creed Odyssey. It isn’t the first time that something of Ubisoft’s has been leaked before E3, though it’s probably the first time its been leaked because of a piece of merchandise.

Of course, this particular merchandise looks pretty damn good. As you can see from above, the keyring looks to be that of a Greek helmet which does give us more than few ideas, and leaves little doubt, on where the next Assassins Creed will be set.

The place which first revealed this leak was French website Jeuxvideo. The website revealed that one of the insiders, Articblue, “sent [Jeuxvideo] the world exclusive photo of an official goodie bearing the name of the next album. It is, therefore, Assassins Creed Odyssey which will be in the spotlight as a “sequel” to the adventures of Bayek.”

More details have surfaced since the leak this morning. Oddysey, according to a report from Kotaku, will lean more heavily into the RPG elements than ever before, allowing for dialogue options and the ability to choose either a male or female protagonist to play as. This may not mean you can create your own character, but we can’t deny it certainly would be great if you could.

Assassins Creed Odyssey has not been officially formalized by Ubisoft as of yet, therefore there hasn’t been a reveal of a release date, though the report from Kotaku indicates that it may be released during Ubisoft’s fiscal 2019. Though with this being a leak, the thin threads of information is to be expected with most of these answers waiting for us if Ubisoft announces the game at E3 in a few days time.

That said, it doesn’t stop fans from speculating on what to expect from the newest Assassins Creed game. Personally? We’d really love to see shoutouts to Greek mythology, but what about you guys? Let us know in the comments below.