Alien Isolation 2 Potentially On its Way After Creative Assembly Pulls Official Site

Alien Isolation 2 could be on its way, with developers Creative Assembly pulling the official site down for maintenance ahead of E3 2018. Though no official confirmation has been given regarding an Alien Isolation sequel, Creative Assembly bringing the site offline indicates that changes are being made to it, and considering the timing it’s certainly a curious development. This has led some to speculate that a teaser is being scheduled ahead of E3 in two weeks time.

Alien Isolation garnered a cult following, with many praising the game for offering a terrifying take on the sci-fi franchise. Though it received a moderate critical reception, fans loved the survival-horror game, though we haven’t heard much news regarding a potential sequel. That is until today, when was taken down by Creative Assembly, leaving the following message:


alien isolation 2 creative assembly

Alien Isolation‘s ending was left open to interpretation, so it’s unclear if Alien Isolation 2 would pick up where the first game left off or present a brand new story to players. Releasing in 2014, the original game was widely praised for its visual and atmosphere, so it would be interesting to see what Creative Assembly can do now that developers have got a better handle on how to get the most out of current-gen consoles.

Sega published Alien Isolation, and the company will have a presence at E3 2018. It could well be that Alien Isolation 2‘s reveal will be reserved for the LA expo, or that Sega and Creative Assembly are planning to drop some fresh details sooner rather than later. Or they could simply be performing some coincidental maintenance on, and no new game is on its way after all.

E3 2018 is set to open its doors to attendees on June 12th – 14th, though press conferences from Sony, Microsoft, and the like will take place before then. Keep it tuned to GameRevolution’s coverage to make sure you don’t miss out on all the new announcements.