Alien Isolation animated series may be coming this April

Alien Isolation, the first-person survival game that directly followed up the events of 1978’s Alien, is five years old at this point, and fans are still hoping for a sequel. Unfortunately, when a follow-up did come, it was in the form of a Five Nights at Freddy’s-style mobile game called Alien Blackout. Now, however, fans may have something else to hope for, as an R-rated Alien Isolation animated series is reported to be in the works, and may arrive as soon as this April.

The news was reported by Observer, whose sources within 20th Century Fox say that a seven-episode animated series for an adult audience is in the works for this year. The team behind it is Axis Animation, who worked with developer Creative Assembly to make VFX work for the original game. The all-digital series may be made freely available on the official Alien website, although we would be surprised if it didn’t appear in other locations as well, such as YouTube or even Netflix.

This rumor would line up with another source, which is the official Alien Twitter page. Back in January, right before the reveal of Alien Blackout, the account tweeted out a number of teases relating to Amanda Ripley. Amanda, of course, is the daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley from the movies, and is the player character in Alien Isolation and Alien Blackout. The teases included the tagline “Read. Play. Watch,” which was something of a mystery at the time.

The “Read” referred to Aliens: Resistance, a comic book from Dark Horse released in January, which saw the debut of Amanda in comics. Fans at the time hoped that “Play” referring to Alien Isolation 2, but was of course Blackout. “Watch,” on the other hand, has not yet been revealed. With no new movies in production, and all three teases referring to Amanda Ripley specifically, an Alien Isolation animated series would fit in nicely. If true, we presume it’ll be announced soon.