EA Job Posting Hints at a New Online Multiplayer Star Wars Game

Now, depending on who you are, the news of EA setting their sights on creating a brand new Star Wars IP may either fill you with immense joy or leave you searching for the high ground in order to get a head start at escaping. Regardless, thanks to a job posting put out by EA Vancouver, it’s been discovered that the studio is looking for a Lead Online Designer for a new multiplayer Star Wars game.

The job posting sheds further light on what to expect from new Star Wars game, stating it is an AAA game that is an innovative and immersive Star Wars experience. The post also gives some information that will be sure to relieve fans out there who are already rolling their eyes at seeing the words ‘online multiplayer’.

The listing says, “the Lead Online Designer will work with the Creative Director, Game Director and Lead Writer to align all connected features with the single-player narrative and gameplay into a cohesive experience.”

While this seems like an obvious thing to include, the wording implies that EA is aware of the mindset of single-players aren’t dead after all, despite previously saying so back in November 2017. In their defense, God of War did come out this year and practically laughed in the face of that statement, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt this time.

However, there is something else included in the job listing that got our attention. To implement both single-player narrative and connected features like online multiplayer is quite the task, and sounds as though EA want a single-player storyline that can be moved forward alongside multiplayer. Does this mean that you’ll be able to play the storyline with friends, or something else entirely?

We can’t know for certain. Keep your eyes set to Game Revolution to find out more about future scoops of this new online multiplayer Star Wars game.