“This Is Fortnite” Video Parody Mimics “This Is America” by Childish Gambino

The “This Is America” song by Childish Gambino has inspired many reaction clips and parodies, even encouraging one keen gamer to produce a “This Is Fortnite” music video. The recreation makes use of the Fortnite Replay System to pan around several players who accurately act out the scenes made famous by Gambino. It’s actually pretty well done and definitely worth a quick watch.

This Is Fortnite Video

At time of posting, the “This Is Fortnite” music video has just over 100,000 views, with almost 5,000 Likes and only 257 Dislikes. Despite parodying a controversial music video, it seems the Fortnite recreation is receiving a huge amount of love from the gaming community.

Created by WiziBlimp, the “This Is Fortnite” parody shows multiple players making use of the game’s many emotes to mimic Gambino’s performance. It clearly required a lot of work to sync up the action to the music, with all players needing to activate specific emotes all at the same time.

If you’ve watched the original “This Is America” video, you’ll know that arguably the most significant point being made is all shown in the video’s background. While Gambino and his dancers remain at the forefront, attempting to distract the viewer and obscure the view, those who do manage to look past him will see chaos and destruction. The “This Is Fortnite” video doesn’t feature anything like this, and perhaps it’s foolish to expect something on that scale, but some Easter eggs would have been nice.

With all that said, the “This Is Fortnite” music video makes excellent use of the Fortnite Replay System, and once again confirms that Epic Games made a great choice in letting players capture and edit their own content. I’m sure we’ll see more awesome videos like this as the game and its community continues to grow.