Destiny 2 Annual Pass Announced

Bungie detailed a different way for players to get more Destiny 2 content during their livestream today. In the Destiny 2 Annual Pass, players will be able to get more gear, find stronger weapons, play new activities, and get more end game content. Bungie did not announce a price for the Annual Pass during their livestream. However, currently on the PlayStation Store, the Destiny 2 bundle with the Forsaken expansion and Annual Pass is $69.99. Keep in mind that it does not include the base Destiny 2 game nor any of its other expansions.

Bungie shared when these three content drops are happening. Black Armory is coming in winter 2018, Joker’s Wild will arrive in spring 2019, and Penumbra is scheduled to drop some time in summer 2019. Bungie made it clear that these experiences would be different from those expansions and it’s a way for them to give players more evenly spread roadmap.

These drops will include endgame challenges; new weapons, armor, and vanity items; new and returning exotics; new pinnacle activities; new triumph rewards; and new lore to discover. It also has unnamed exclusive content for those who purchase the Annual Pass. It won’t lean “as hard into cutscenes or cinematics,” but it will build more on the lore and story they are telling.

Each of the three indicated releases kicks off a new season of play for everyone, including those who do not purchase the Destiny 2 Annual Pass. These also mark a new theme for the season. Bungie wanted to make sure that people know that these drops are not full expansions and are meant to fill out the year with more Destiny 2 content, rather than having sporadic DLC drops and updates.

“It’s definitely about not having just a single moment where people come back and having that kind of extend and stretch out,” said Project Lead Scott Taylor.

Bungie promised more details “soon.” They will be at E3 this year so it is possible they will talk more about it then along with their new expansion, Forsaken which is coming out on September 4th.