NieR Automata Tops 3 Million Shipments and Digital Download Sales

Square Enix has shipped over 3 million copies of NieR Automata. Confirmed by the game’s official Twitter page, it was announced that across physical shipments and digital downloads on both PS4 and Steam, NieR Automata appears to have been something of a hit worldwide. People can’t seem to get enough of Square Enix’s bittersweet android epic.

It gets better for the NieR Automata team, too. In recognition of their success, they were gifted an award from head honchos at the Square Enix President Awards 2018. All this goes to show that strong gameplay mechanics and storytelling can still move some copies in today’s Battle Royale dominated landscape.

Glory To Mankind, all 3 Million of you

These are impressive numbers for a unique game. NieR Automata launched last year beginning February 23rd in Japan and was worldwide by March 17th on both PS4 and Steam. It launched to rave reviews and quickly garnered a strong word-of-mouth. This exciting, adventurous and bold action RPG has rooted itself firmly in the minds of millions of gamers throughout the world and it is fantastic to see.

Square like to keep us up to date with Automata’s sales, previously announcing its last two milestones. It hit one million shipments and downloads back in April 2017 and two million last September. Perhaps it won’t be long until we see that four million mark hit.

If any game deserves the success, this is it. It’s smart, bold approach to action RPG gameplay and storytelling certainly made an impression. Our review is full of praise and ask just about anyone who has played it and you’ll receive a glowing endorsement.

Who knows, perhaps Square Enix will announce a follow-up at this year’s E3? Stranger things have happened, and Automata’s strong sales should prove to Square that there is a market for more bittersweet androids questioning life, the Universe, and everything.