Bus Simulator 18 Gets a “Busload” of New Features

That’s right bus-ficionados, we’re here to tell you about a busload of even more bus-tastic features coming to Bus Simulator 18. What’s more, a lot of them are ideas from the Bus Simulator community, by bus buddies, for bus buddies. There are special in-bus events, weather conditions, and even more, all coming on June 13.

“But Astrid, what are special in-bus events?” Well, avid reader, let me tell you. There’ll be roadblocks, roadworks blocking off routes, traffic accidents, passengers blocking the doors, listening to loud music or leaving trash or valuables behind “requiring prompt intervention by the driver and many more.” You’ll also be able to fully-customise the aesthetic of every bus in your fleet, with a wide variety of base colours, skins, and decals.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature coming to Bus Simulator 18 is the new progression system for the game’s bus stops. Each bus stop will have a rank, and the more frequently a stop is visited, the higher this rank will grow, along with a popularity rating. As bus stops increase in rank, more commuters will seek it out as the starting point of their journey. This adds a whole other dimension to how you can truly progress and immerse yourself in Bus Simulator 18.

We’ve also been told more about what to expect outside of these special events. There are 12 districts in the city of Seaside Valley, with the Old Town, city and suburb zones, remote villages, and an industrial area with a harbour district. Across these districts, there will be overland tours, drives along highways, roundabouts, and for the first time in Bus Simulator history, avid bus-thusiasts will encounter railway crossings in the wild! Amazing!

Now I don’t know about you, but Bus Simulator 18 looks to be a game that’s simply BUStling with content. Expect to throw on your bus company uniform and adjust your bus driver’s seat on June 13, where all this and more will be just around the corner at the next stop on Steam.