Total War Three Kingdoms Delayed to Spring 2019 According to New Trailer

Creative Assembly has released a new trailer for its upcoming Total War Three Kingdoms, which reveals that it has been delayed to a release window of Spring 2019. It was initially given a release window of Fall 2018 earlier this year. Total War fans will have to wait a while longer for the next major historical title in the long-running franchise.

In a blog post earlier today, Total War Three Kingdoms game director Janos Gaspar revealed that the game will feature a brand new Classic Mode, which offers “a much more grounded recreation of the period for players who prefer a historically authentic Total War experience.” How does that differ from the usual Total War gameplay?

Gaspar explains that the default version of the game will adhere to the romanticised perception of the generals from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material. That means these generals will like gods on the battlefield, as they will be able to hold their own against hundreds of soldiers even as a single unit during gameplay. That’s similar in concept to how these generals are depicted in the Dynasty Warriors games.

However, in Classic Mode, these generals will battle like how a typical Total War general would, marching into battle with an entire bodyguard unit beside them. The default version of the generals will even deploy wushu-like moves in battle while the Classic Mode generals will use normal warfare tactics and strategy to win battles.

There will also be “a host of new campaign systems.” More details and information on that be revealed in the future. The new trailer features in-game cinematics and focuses on one of the great leaders from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, namely Cao Cao. He would be familiar to fans of the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

In other related news, Creative Assembly has recently revealed what’s in development for every Total War game. the developer also teased its next major Fantasy Total War title. In the meantime, take a look at the new trailer for Total War Three Kingdoms below.