Fortnite Patch Nerfs Shotguns, Adds Bouncer Traps, and More

If you’ve thought shotguns were overpowered in Fortnite, then developer Epic Games has heard you. If you’ve also wanted to have a trampoline-like object in the game, then Epic has heard you as well. The brand new Fortnite patch nerfs shotguns in a few key ways, adjusts some of the other weapons, adds trampoline-like Bouncer Traps, and adds a few skins for the Save the World mode.

Fortnite Patch: What does it Change?

This Fortnite patch addresses some of Epic Games’ concerns by looking at “overly dominant” strategies and adjusting them. Shotguns have become an issue since Epic changed the equip times. Allowing people to quickly swap to a shotgun made them a little too powerful, according to Epic.

The Pump Shotgun’s damage was lowered from 90 to 85 and the headshot multiplayer has been nerfed to 2.0 from 2.5. The Tactical Shotgun’s headshot multiplayer is now 2.0 instead of 2.5. These changes should still make shotguns a valuable tool for up close encounters, but it shouldn’t make them the “overly dominant” strategy. However, quickly using two shotguns may still prove to be an issue.

Epic also stated they are looking into shotgun consistency. They want to make it more clear when you’ve missed a shot and improve “odd behaviors.” According to the patch notes, they are working on solutions now that should be ready in the “near future.”

Trap damage also doubled to 150 from 75. After testing out their effectiveness by nerfing them a few weeks ago, Epic strengthened traps in order to add “more ways for you to be potent in combat.” Given the extremity of the change, it looks like they are still experimenting with traps. The other changes are many small adjustments that include”Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher dominance in the late game, Minigun effectiveness, and overall resource availability.”

Fortnite Patch: What does it Add?

The biggest addition in this Fortnite patch is the new Bouncer Trap. Like its name implies, the Bouncer Trap is a Rare trap that can be found in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, and floor loot. It can be placed on walls and floors and, when triggered, the trap will boost the player the direction it is facing .

The patch also brings the Chrome Commando skins to the Save the World mode. Diecast Jonsey and Chromium Ramirez will be available on the Save the World event store on June 6th at 5 pm PST.

Jetpacks are also going away at 8 am on June 11th. This Limited Time Item was meant to change the gameplay in a “big or unique way.” Epic Games mentioned that they may bring the item back one day with changes and improvements.