Avalanche Studios Reveals Generation Zero, an Open-World Co-Op Game Set in the ’80s

Avalanche Studios has announced Generation Zero, an open-world co-op action game set in Sweden in the ’80s. The game is set in a hostile reimagining of the decade in which “machines have invaded the serene countryside” of its setting.

The FPS will allow players to team up with up to three players and utilize guerilla tactics in order to “lure, cripple, or destroy enemies in intensive, creative sandbox skirmishes.” Rendered in the Apex engine, Generation Zero will feature a full day/night cycle along with complex AI behavior, with players able to trap and destroy the out-of-control robots alongside their friends.

The first Generation Zero trailer gives off a Stranger Things vibe with its synthy soundtrack, though its monsters are strictly mechanical (and there are no pre-teens in sight). The realistic, animal-like movement of the bots is also reminiscent of Horizon Zero Dawn, albeit with bigger hair and more leather jackets.

Avalanche Studios was previously responsible for Mad Max, another open-world game that was greeted with a positive reception upon its release. It also created the Just Cause series of games, so it has plenty of experience with over-the-top open-world environments.

Generation Zero looks pretty interesting, and it has been a while since we’ve received a big-budget game specifically focused on smaller co-op experiences. The location is another interesting choice, with Sweden not exactly being featured in a lot of video games. Considering the tagline — “Our End is Their Beginning” — it doesn’t sound like the team you and your buddies can take control of will be able to quell this apocalyptic force, though we can try to do our best against the robotic horde when the game launches sometime in 2019. Avalanche is going to be at E3 2018 with Generation Zero, so we’ll find out more about it next week.

Watch the first Generation Zero below: