Hack and Slash Title RemiLore From Nicalis Announced

Nicalis has announced that they are bringing hack and slash title RemiLore to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam. There’s a nifty announcement trailer, to go alongside the announcement, which you can watch below. Spoiler: It looks great.

RemiLore employs a vibrant graphical style which should look exceedingly smooth when docked or in handheld mode. Its action gameplay looks tight, fun and hectic – everything a good hack and slash should be.

RemiLore tasks players with using twin-stick controls to fight tons of enemies and face-off against mighty bosses. You play as schoolgirl Remi. Her adventures begin when she awakens a magical book entitled Lore (hence the game’s name). We are then taken away to Ragnoah, which is infested by “mecha-monsters” and Remi must fight, and find, her way home.

Hack and Slash Your Way Home in RemiLore

You’ll be faced with terrible enemies and hardships in Ragnoah, not least the untrustworthy Lore, but not to worry. Along Remi’s journey, you will find plenty of new weapons that change the way you fight. New melee and ranged magical attacks will be yours to play with across the game’s procedurally generated levels.

To be exact, there are over 200 weapons to find and use to your heart’s desire. Each stage is free to explore, so you can journey through Ragnoah at your own pace. If you’re finding RemiLore to difficult, or too lonely, however, you can play the game in two-player co-op. So grab a buddy and get hacking and slashing!

Due to launch in “winter 2018”, Nicalis has lined up physical (Switch and PS4) and digital versions (everything) of RemiLore. Should you want to take Remi and Lore home from Ragnoah, $39.99 will buy you what looks like a very pleasant hack and slash adventure indeed. Another nice surprise for everyone right before E3.