Facebook Game Streaming Program Level Up Hopes to Rival Twitch

Facebook is hoping to get a big ol’ slice of that delicious streaming cake with its “Facebook Gaming Creator Program”. Since the program’s launch, Facebook has seen some success in the gaming creator field. Now, however, Facebook has announced plans to upgrade its offerings. Introducing: Facebook Gaming Creator Level Up Program.

In order to achieve its goals, Facebook has introduced the new program to give creators a helping hand in getting started. As such new initiatives see “early access to new features for live streaming” and “earning money with Facebook Stars”. The former is as such:

“Level Up members may receive early access to new features, tips, and best practices from established gaming creators and customized access to Facebook support for troubleshooting and bug reporting. We want to give emerging gaming creators the information and direct support they need so they can go live more easily, grow their communities more quickly, and focus on making great content. As Level Up members grow their communities and hit milestones, they may also be eligible to qualify as partnered creators in our gaming creator program.”

If you are accepted into the Level Up program you can start to earn money from your streams.

Emerging creators accepted into the Level Up program will also have an opportunity to earn money through native monetization tools on Facebook, including the fan support feature that we announced in January. Now called Facebook Stars, that feature lets fans support their favorite gaming creators by purchasing and sending virtual goods during live streams. Since our initial tests, we’ve seen encouraging results and have rolled out Facebook Stars to everyone in our gaming creator program. We’ve also been getting a lot of feedback from the community on ways to make Stars even better for both gaming creators and fans, so we’ll continue to iterate and add new features to Stars in the coming months.”

How To Qualify For Facebook Gaming Creator Level Up Program

While streaming games on Facebook is nothing new, the Level Up program is. To qualify for this new initiative, you have to fulfill several aspects. These are as follows:

  • Create a “Gaming Video Creator” page
  • Broadcast at least 4 hours within the last 14 days
  • Broadcast on two unique days within the last 14 days
  • Have at least 100 followers on your page

If you meet all these requirements already, great! You’re good to go. Once you’re applicable for the Level Up program Facebook will check that you meet its community and monetization eligibility standards and send you an invite if you’re successful. That’s it.

Facebook’s Level Up program offers several upgrades to its already existing streaming services. The full list of the Facebook Gaming Creator Level Up Program upgrades can be seen below:

  • Customized access to support
  • 1080p, 60fps transcoding
  • New Facebook Stars
  • A unique Level Up badge for your profile
  • Limited access to betas and features
  • Community group with affiliates

All of this sounds great for gaming creators and it seems as though Facebook is taking it all seriously. This is good for everyone.