Code Vein Unveils Blood Ogre Trailer

Code Vein only just received a release date of September 28th, but that hasn’t stopped Bandai Namco from treating us some more with a new trailer, showing off just one of the weapons involved in our arsenal: the deadly Blood Ogre. We’ve seen some of the future vampire RPG’s weaponry before in previous gameplay trailers, but this one looks like it packs a mean, gorier punch than the rest.

A weapon that looks even more terrifying than the double dogs on your shoulders that your character (also known as a Revenant to those in Code Vein’s world) can summon to munch on people doesn’t seem possible, but we assure you there is. Described as a mixture of Bloodborne, Dark Souls and God Eater, Code Vein has earned itself a reputation for being tough and mean before it has even debuted. So no pressure, Bandai Namco.

Nonetheless, the Blood Ogre in Code Vein has been described as a fierce creature that is “true to its name, Ogre demolishes your enemies with power and sheer force!” And if you want to wield this destructive weapon? Well, “get ready to brutalize your targets with this carnivorous claw.” Carnivorous claw? That sounds very Tales of Berseria if you ask us, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Code Vein’s Dark Souls-like mechanic means that players will have to fight all sorts of tough enemies until they clear out the dungeon. But the beauty behind this is that players can get joined by NPCs to fight against these enemies, or be joined by a friend and their NPC partner too. All you need to do is send out a distress signal and players will come to your aid as soon as possible.

Think about the number of Blood Ogres you’ll have together when you partner up. You’d truly be indestructible.