Titanfall Developer Teases “Juicy Little Tidbit” About Upcoming Game at E3

Respawn Entertainment, the studio comprised of ex-Call of Duty developers and current makers of Titanfall, have three projects in the works. And tomorrow, at EA Play, we will hear a little bit about one of them, according to Respawn CEO Vince Zampella. The studio is currently working on a Star Wars game, a VR gaming experience, and a Titanfall sequel.

This small reveal will happen during EA Play, EA’s own livestream and demo center a few miles from the main E3 hub, some time after the conference’s 11 am PST start time. Given how we know nothing else about the game, it’s likely the tease won’t be more than that: a tease. EA has already promised looks into Anthem, Battlefield 5, and the EA lineup of sports titles. The publisher also stated that they have a “few surprises” so this Respawn game could, if anything, fall under that banner.

The studio is most known for Titanfall and its sequel (both of which EA published). EA confirmed that a new game in the franchise was coming when they bought Respawn in November 2017. This was after Zampella explained to Glixel in late 2016 that studio would like to tell more stories in the Titanfall universe. He also stated that it was “pretty safe to assume” that we would see more from the series, despite the game’s less than ideal sales.

The studio’s Star Wars game has more concrete details behind it, but still not much. Stig Asmussen, most know for his work on the original God of War trilogy, is directing the title, which will be a third-person game. The project also could be released by March 2020, according to an EA earnings call.

Respawn’s VR game is the final known project that they have revealed. In October 2017, the developer announced that they were partnering with Oculus to develop a first-person shooter. That untitled and mysterious game is scheduled for a 2019 release.