E3 2018: PUBG New Map Revealed for Xbox One

A new PUBG map was revealed during the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference. The brand new map, set to launch this winter, is appropriately snowy and will appear on the Xbox One. War Mode will also be making its way to the console, along with the Sanhok map that has been highly anticipated by PUBG‘s Xbox One community.

Little information was offered pertaining to the brand new snow map, though it looks set to let players indulge in the Christmas cheer by way of hitting their rivals across the head with a frying pan or two. PUBG is one of the most popular Xbox One console exclusives around, so owners of the console will be pleased that it’s continuing to receive all this new content.

There’s no word on when the PUBG snow map will be making its way to PC, though there is a PC gaming conference later in the week at E3 2018, so perhaps we’ll find out more then. Fingers crossed!

Check out the new PUBG map in the below trailer:

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