Beatshapers CEO Says “It’s A Pity” Vita Isn’t More Popular With Developers

The PlayStation Vita might not be known for having substantial developer support, but those who have adopted the device have shown satisfaction including the likes of Beatshapers.

Beatshapers CEO Alexey Menshikov is one of a few developers who have been pleased with developing on the Vita. Although his company's experience is limited to PSN titles including Star Drone Extreme and BreakQuest Extra Evolution, he was satisfied enough to tell GamingBolt that more developers should jump on the bandwagon:

PS Vita is amazing device, very powerful and solid. It’s a pity that other developers are not jumping on the wagon.

Anyone who has held a Vita is perfectly aware of how much potential the device has. The screen is gorgeous, it's ergonomic with two analog sticks, and the hardware is powerful. You'd think that developers would be all over it but the amount of support has been less than adequate and for one good reason: poor sales.

Whether or not the Vita's sales improve directly coincides with more developers creating unique experiences for the device, but you need those captivating games to draw in new customers. What a sticky situation for Sony, and the only immediate way out is to do what Nintendo did with the 3DS and institute a price drop. Unfortunately, Sony has shown no intention of dropping the Vita's price in the near future. Uh oh!