E3 2018: New Prey Features, Mooncrash DLC, and Typhon Hunter VR Announced at Bethesda Conference

A new DLC, Mooncrash, and new features for Prey were announced today at Bethesda’s E3 2018 conference. A new VR experience set in the Prey universe called Typhon Hunter will also make its debut in playable form at E3 2018.

The new Mooncrash DLC puts you in the shoes of a hacker named Peter. Peter is manning a spy satellite which is intercepting data from TranStar. Well, that all changes when the events of Prey’s main story go down, and now Peter has to find out why.

Peter has to head to TranStar’s base on the moon and uncover the reasons it’s gone silent. This story differs from the original since your primary goal is loot. This loot transfers over to your next game and gives you a better chance of survival.

Mooncrash will be available as a standalone DLC for $19.99 if you own the base game, or you can download the Prey: Digital Deluxe package that includes the base game and Mooncrash. All players will get a free update that offers two new difficulty modes. Story mode will let you experience the story without worrying about dying too much, and Survival Mode will add aspects like oxygen management and bleeding to make the horror that much more realistic. A New Game + mode is also being added in this update.

The Typhon Hunter multiplayer mode will bring a game of hide-and-seek where one human player must track down five mimic players. This will come as a free update for Mooncrash DLC and Prey: Digital Deluxe owners and will be playable in VR and without it.

Mooncrash and Prey: Digital Deluxe are available now, and Typhon Hunter will come in an update later this Summer.