Report: Fortnite Visitor Skin Revealed, Blockbuster Skin Unlock Leak

The Fortnite Visitor skin is the ultimate goal for many, as it requires a huge number of Season 4 Battle Pass Blockbuster challenges to be completed. It demands a lot of dedication from players, and so you would hope it looks pretty cool. Personally, I think it looks good, and it comes with some additional functionality that makes it even better. Here are the full details on the Fortnite Visitor skin, which is unlocked through the game’s Season 4 Blockbuster skin challenges.

Fortnite Visitor Skin: What Does It Look Like?

Thanks to the always reliable Two Epic Buddies on Twitter, we now have a clear image of what the Fortnite Visitor skin looks like. One datamined image shows the Visitor exiting his space pod on the Week 7 loading screen, which will be this week’s hint at the secret Battle Star location. (You can see that image at the top of the post.)

The Fortnite Visitor boasts some additional customization functions that make it more badass than it first appears. The lights on the Visitor helmet can be altered to show a different design. As seen in the Two Epic Buddies’ tweet below, there seems to be four different designs to choose from.

How to Unlock the Fortnite Visitor Skin

Fortnite Visitor Skin

If you’ve not been keeping track of the Fortnite Visitor skin unlock requirements, and you want to get your hands on it, you’re in for a busy few weeks!

To unlock the Fortnite Visitor skin, players are tasked with completing seven Week’s worth of challenges. That’s Week 1 to Week 7, in their entirety. Complete those 49 challenges and you’ll have unlocked the Visitor skin to use in-game. (Do remember that the Season 4 challenges and rewards are only available during that season. Hurry or you’ll miss out!)