E3 2018: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a No-Show at Square Enix E3 Event

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was nowhere to be seen at the Square Enix E3 2018 event, despite it being one of the most highly anticipated releases that the publisher has up its sleeve. With so little new information available pertaining to the upcoming RPG remake, fans had been hoping that Square would show off the game during the event. Unfortunately, it was notably absent from proceedings.

Square Enix has kept quiet about Final Fantasy 7 Remake, with only snippets of information having been announced since its initial reveal back in E3 2015. With it being kept so tightly under wraps, it was predicted that it would pop up this year, and we’d finally be given some more details and even a confirmed release date. However, that was not to be, and in an underwhelming pre-recorded 30-minute event Cloud and co. were no-shows.

But this doesn’t mean that Final Fantasy 7 Remake won’t be appearing at E3 2018 altogether. Although Sony has stated that it’s focused on doing “deep-dives” of its major upcoming first-party titles such as The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding, the Square Enix RPG could make its way to the press conference. Considering that Sony were the ones who staged the initial reveal, there’s a chance that it could come full circle and we’ll be seeing Final Fantasy 7 Remake later today.

With other Square Enix games such as The Avengers also not making an appearance, perhaps Square Enix will feature prominently during Sony’s event. Or maybe Square simply doesn’t feel confident in Final Fantasy 7 Remake enough to show it off, with it having reportedly experienced a troubled development cycle. We’ll have to wait until the Sony press conference later today to see if the remake shows up.