E3 2018: Final Fantasy XIV 4.3 Update Introduces Monster Hunter World Crossover

A Final Fantasy XIV 4.3 update trailer has been revealed, with the upcoming 4.3 patch for the MMO being teased at the Square Enix E3 2018 press conference. The Final Fantasy XIV update, titled Under the Moonlight, will bring with it brand new quests as a new update to 2017’s Stormblood expansion. It will also bring with it a brand new Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World crossover.

The new patch trailer was revealed during E3 2018, with it showing off what players of the MMO can expect to see in the near future. It also revealed a collaboration with Capcom’s Monster Hunter World, with the action game’s various mammoth beasts set to make their way into the MMO for players to take on.

The trailer depicts a Rathian flying into the Final Fantasy XIV world, alongside a Palico that presumably can accompany players as a pet. We’re not entirely sure how this Monster Hunter World collaboration will factor into the MMO, or if the favor will be reciprocated and we’ll begin seeing Final Fantasy characters in Monster Hunter World, but with the likes of Street Fighter having already made their way into MMO it seems that Monster Hunter is loving its collaborations at the moment.

Check out the brand new Final Fantasy XIV 4.3 patch trailer below: